Can I use the creation of repetitive shapes and textures to enter an almost meditative state? I calm myself and de-stress through art; continuously working with my hands is almost zen like for me. Having dyslexia it’s often difficult to focus on other classes. There’s always a lot of reading and thinking needed to be successful, but with art, I can use a different part of my brain in a relaxing environment. Realizing as I work, I start to create a pattern with what my hands are producing over and over, representing this mindlessness. My work has grown throughout my investigation by changing my media from mortar to clay. I also changed the way I thought from negatively to positively. This made it difficult since I was so comfortable with my first media, and then switching over to new materials forced me to change the way I thought through my pieces. While using the mortar, I had to experiment with different ways to create a solid mold and also how to create different textures. However with clay, I realized it’s easier to add small textures and details. I feel that this repetitiveness throughout objects helps generate peace of mind and patience in the way I feel while designing.