Through my body of work I am investigating how religion affected my perception of free will and authority. How have past religious experiences altered my view of the world and relationships with others? My investigation began with exploring the broad idea of free will in a religious context through biblical narratives. However, these flat and playful depictions were not fully successful in communicating the driving force in my investigation. As a more personal aspect became more apparent, my media shifted from colorful digital illustrations to pen and gold leaf with myself as a subject bound in a book format. I continued to compare myself to these religious figures in order to explore the way religion impacted my beliefs and ideals. This shift allowed me to focus more on intricate details through burning designs and languages into the book covers and push the idea of a sacred object, and the media change had an overall better connection to my guiding question. Each pen drawing is held together in a final book case to conclude the investigation and tie the works together, exemplifying the sacramental qualities in my work.

LuciferRaphaelPenemueDescend, PrincePage 2 of FallConfessionImmortalBook CaseOphanimRevelations