In my work I investigate control and overprotection by utilizing created environments and their inhabitants. Beginning with a desire for relief and growth despite toxicity in my personal environment, I staged plants with purifying and detoxifying qualities in a space. The crowded plants in the composition attempts to both heal their environment and aid me in regaining self-control. Our transition into quarantine led me to a more obsessive mindset. A loss of control in most aspects of my life led me to fully obsess over the care of these inhabitants within their environment. I researched how to care for these plants, like what required amount of light was and how much to water them. I wrote these instructions on paper vignettes surrounding them. I also looked at different types of bulbs that aid plant growth and used them as lighting in my created spaces. After these discoveries, I built a greenhouse structure lit only by the colors I researched, and experimented with subtlety and translucency in my compositions. These structures, along with plunging myself into the care of these plants, helped me regain the control I’d lost by self-actualizing through research and caretaking. whether I listenwestward lightwhen i canto seeonce or twicewarm and constantcarry it with methe sky is purple and bluebut we go on