My work is an investigation into how decisions I made as a child informed my most valued memories. I have always had an affinity for stickers, and I am fascinated by how children are drawn to them. When given a sticker book, no two kids will produce the same result. I believe that is reflective of how our childhood is a time when we customize our lives with decisions. Each piece in this body is a personal memory presented in the form of a sticker activity. I began my investigation by exemplifying the choices I made that were odd, such as feeding the dogs breakfast. However, as I spent more time working through this idea I became interested in pulling from more memories than simply what was “strange”. The later works in this body shifted to being about my most influential memories and the choices I made during those times. And as my body of work evolved from creating physical books to using only digital processes, the driving force of my investigation evolved as well, from using the placement of stickers to demonstrate oddities, to a way to present the viewer with what I had: specific places, objects, and people, and then to demonstrate how I interacted with these things to create my truly unique childhood.