My work dissects my past using icons and scenes that have influenced my life. Using Rorschach inkblots as the base of my compositions, I’ve been greatly inspired by this  archaic technique I experienced in conversion therapy. My sexuality has served as the basis for my entire body of work and has made me realize just how important our past is- my belief being that sexuality isn’t a choice, but a byproduct of your personal history. This led me to transition my work to the deconstruction of symbols from my past and unfolding them into the pattern of this inkblot technique. The objects are made up of small-scale drawings and written paragraphs that detail the meaning of the object and how it has affected me, then many layers of mark and erasure that build up to create highly nuanced and subtle line work. 

I wanted the work to be presented in a way that forces the audience to see these highly personal objects with the same importance that I see them. To do this I suspend the drawings in protected spaces with posted rules and a veiled structure that aids in this guided attention- making the drawings feel even more sacred and adding to the processional that builds up to seeing the work.

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