In my sustained investigation I wanted to answer the question: how can I create vessels and bundles using man made and natural materials, with inspiration from natural forms to demonstrate the effects of nature? In a lot of my pieces I have weaved twigs in and out of the vessel to show what they would look like if nature were to take over the piece and civilization were gone. In my first piece I created a bundle out of twigs and twine. I got inspiration from a fish trap used in survival, and wanted to create a sense of abandonment within the piece. In my second piece I wanted to mimic a wave out of the branches, and act like they are crashing into the bowl being suspended. This highlights movement and anticipation for the "wave" to come crashing into the bowl. In my final piece I made three clay coil cocoons. I wanted to show movement throughout them and together they look like they are dancing. Throughout my investigation I was constantly trying to think of new ways I can incorporate natural elements and forms into my sculptures. I wanted to show unique ways of displaying movement while also having my pieces aesthetically pleasing.