How will experimenting with homemade surface treatments, glazes, clays and raku firing, make my artistic voice stronger? In the beginning I wanted to test if colors and texture would change from using organic materials such as crushed leaves, strawberrys, and turmeric powder. From there, I mixed the organic materials with clear raku glaze, applying different pieces with different layers and applications to see a texture change from the new glaze. Next, I decided I wanted to try to make my own clay to raku fire. I dug clay from the local lake mixed with sand, dirt, and rocks and mixed them with water and massaged it into a clay like texture. After firing, the pieces were a beautiful color and texture and did not need glaze, but after a few weeks they disintegrated into literal dust. I decided to mix my clay with raku clay to keep it bonded better. The pieces stayed together longer but eventually turned to dust as well. I also added different iron oxides and copper oxides onto my clay mixed with raku clay. The color from the clay I had made changed the oxides reaction compared to regular raku clay and oxides. Later my subject shifted from vessels to female forms and body image.   

Raku LadyRaku LadyRaku LadyWomanWomanWomanTea PotTea PotHomemade WomanHomemade WomanMr.ManRough LadyRough LadyAmberAmberSmall Pot 3Small Pot 2Small Pot 1Homemade PotHomemade Pot