In my work I’m exploring how I combat familial struggles with various forms of isolation. I began by using tent structures as a symbol of comfort and relied heavily on a contrasting palette and experimented with proximity as a means to convey dissonance in relationships. As the idea transformed I started incorporating food as another sought after comfort in moments of uncertainty. My work has a distinct style shift and how 2D elements are utilized in the composition. Later works have closer proximity towards the object of comfort and implementing framing devices to direct the viewer's focus. The viewer is forced to become encapsulated in the comfort spaces of food, trapping the viewers attention within the dynamic innards of the composition alluding to that idea of seeking out isolation. Along with that, the comfort objects are intentionally taking up the foreground while pushing the secondary space into the background. The further proximity and distance from the viewer shows a clear separation between the spaces and the dissonance in our relationship.