In my body of work, I'm investigating how my perspective of my brother changes the reality of our relationship. There have always been two sides to "our story" so within each piece, I'm exploring how relationships change over time. As well as how I can create tactile work to display the relationship of my brother and I. My investigation began as an analysis of shared memories between my brother and I which shape our relationship. Initially, the work was rooted in layering digital media onto analog photos to show our separate perceptions. As the work grew, I integrated more tactile media like the use of thread to better connect the "two perceptions". I began making books as a way to breakdown and retell memories with our separate perspectives. Using stylized characters to highlight the simplicity of the situations, that give my brother and I's relationship so much depth. As Covid19 was introduced to our lives and my brother and I faced loss of family, we began to spend more time together in quarantine. Later on I began to explore the idea of new experiences that my brother and I navigate, giving us a newly similar perspective. Maybe we aren't so different after all. Beach BookStuck HomeLet's Hang BookPizza Box BookMetro CardMetro Card FlipbookFlip Books in WalletsSchool ID Flip Book (2)School ID Flip Book (1)PolaroidsDrive to School