Throughout the past couple years, my work at large as dealt with the juxtaposition of what is real versus not real. I tend to stick to playful palettes and ideology, often to comprehend and cope with deeper familial issues. 

In my main body of work this year, I exaggerate these moments in time in a comic illustrative style; the severity of the situations becomes lighthearted and slightly tongue-in-cheek. 

While much of the content varies piece to piece (being left at a store after a fight, arguments blown out of proportion over a misunderstanding, and even happier moments portrayed by the simple bonding activity of painting nails), a singular language maintains through the larger narrative of universal familial issues and pressures as well as the stylization and dynamic features of the figures. The use of paint becomes fully illustrative and with each new piece, an understanding of flat color as well as pattern benefits towards a comic style.

  Forgotten Cargo ClownedMother Knows BestSibling Rivalry All Dolled UpCrying Over Spilled Spaghetti PopsSketch Book PageOopsie OopsieWhy Hello Up There Tug, Pull, StretchHappiness Pamphlet