In my body of work I am investigating the universal concept of a game and using that foundation as a means to share my experience as a Mexican American. Games provide an escape and I wanted to create a game which could transport me to a place where my daily stresses are diminished and where I am at a place I love with the people I love. 

Initially I had planned for my work to be created out of paper, but following my first pieces, I experimented with pecan wood and decided to proceed with it as it served to enhance my connection to the real locations and experiences. The decision to implement wood and revise the work already created, challenged my initial purpose behind recreating a mass produced game. Initially I sought to share my unique experiences with several people through a mass produced format, but with the shift to pecan wood, the work became for myself instead of for others. It evolved into a singular game which I can enjoy only with the people I will allow to share my experiences with. Utilizing paper would have caused the work to feel replaceable, unimportant, and cheapen the experience and purpose behind creating a game. Pecan wood served to elevate my connection to the work and made it irreproducible.